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Journey through Hiroshima, Miyajima, and Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Site

Day 1 Miyajima and Itsukushima Shrine Itsukushima Shrine, the beautiful complex building floating on the sea, has been designated as a world heritage site. It’s about 10 minutes by ferry from the mainland to the Miyajima Island. Departing from the Miyajima pier, toward Itsukushima Shrine, there are various souvenir shops, coffee shops, and restaurants along… Read more »

Journey through San-in: Daisen and around, Matsue, and Izumo

Day 1 Daisen Makiba Milk-no Sato Daisen Makiba Milk-no Sato is located at the foot of Mount Daisen, which is the highest mountain in the Chugoku area. There are many experience activities such as pumping milk of cows and confectionery making, but the most recommendable is the special soft cream. The taste is rich, and… Read more »

Journey through San-in: Matsue, Kurayoshi, and Tottori Sand Dunes

Day 1 Karakoro Art Studio Karakoro Art Studio was remodeled from the former Matsue Branch, Bank of Japan. It’s a tourist facility for making, seeing, and tasting. There are many making experience activities, such as Japanese sweets, accessories, including the magatama jewel, which has been made from the ancient times in the Izumo area. Magatama… Read more »

Journey around Oki: Fully Enjoying the Mountains and Sea with Great Nature

Day 1 Tamawakasuno Mikoto Shrine It’s the oldest shrine in Oki. The main shrine (important cultural property) was built in a unique architectural style called Okizukuri. Moreover, don’t miss the large cedar tree on the grounds, Yaosugi, which is a 1,000- to 2,000-year-old natural monument. It’s difficult for wheelchair users to move around, because there… Read more »

Journey to Sesshū’s Home and Meeting Belugas

Day 1 Sesshūno Sato Memorial Museum and Taikian Masuda is the demise place of Sesshū, who was active as a painter in the 1400s. Sesshūno Sato Memorial Museum introduces Sesshū and Masuda. It’s a journey course to Masuda, a town that Sesshū loved and where the history of the Middle ages remains, popular among the… Read more »

City of International Cultures Tourism—Matsue Hospitality Trip

Day 1 Matsue Castle Matsue castle, symbol of water town Matsue, popular with the citizens. The view from the castle tower, which has been designated as a national important cultural property, is wonderful. It’s possible to see over Lake Shinji and the townscape. In addition, the Matsue Jōzan Park has been selected as one of… Read more »