Hotel Gyokusen

Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

Hotel Gyokusen is at the fine hot spring Tamatsukuri Spa, with especially spacious rooms.
From the lobby you can have a view to the Japanese style garden with beautiful pine trees.
In the hotel, there are dojōsukui folk song events every night.
There’s also an accessible room with an accessible sink, bathtub and bathroom.
There are 2 wheelchairs for loaning.

Address 53-2 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-chō, Matsue, Shimane
Telephone 0852-62-0021
Fax 0852-62-1455
Reception hours Weekdays: 9:00 - 20:00 Weekends and national holidays: 10:00 - 19:00
Regular holidays

Open throughout the year

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Matsue Station, local train with 11-minute stops at each station.
Get off at Tamatsukuri Onsen Station.
About 1.5 km(0.9mi), around 20 minutes on foot.

Bumps at the entrance

There are bumps (ramps partially available)

Entrance width 180cm(70.9in)
Accessible bathroom Yes
Bathroom entrance width 91cm(35.8in).
Opening width: 81 cm(31.9in)
Accessible parking space


Wheelchair loaning


Multilingual information Not available
Display items with multilingual explanation Not available
Multilingual pamphlets Not available
Staff fluent in foreign languages


Wifi connection Yes.
Only in the first floor lobby.
Audio (English) guidance


Accesible data

Photo Comment
View View
Main entrance View of the main entrance.
If you come by car, you can get the car close to the main entrance, and there’s a ramp.
Reception View of the reception.
There’s a ramp and a carpet on the floor.
 Accessible bathroom on the 1st floor Accessible bathroom on the 1st floor
Entrance to the accessible room Entrance to the accessible room.
Entrance width: 80 cm(31.5in), no bumps
Accessible room View of the inside of the accessible room
Accessible bathroom inside the accessible room Accessible bathroom inside the accessible room.
Entrance width: 91 cm(35.8in), no bumps
Modular bath Modular bath inside the accessible room.
Entrance width: 70 cm(27.6in), 4cm(1.6in) bump

Inspector’s comments

A visually impaired person (full blindness) / Female
It’s a big hotel, and the halls on the 1st floor are wide but there’s a water body flowing at some points.
Even though it’s inside the hotel, visually impaired people have to be careful.
Most of the rooms are Japanese style rooms.

There’s an accessible room.
It’s a Western style room, with a round table at the center of it.
Because the table has no corners, there’s no fear of hurting yourself with it.
There’s an accessible bathroom.
Therefore, it’s suitable for people with disabilities.

A wheelchair user (manual) / Female
The building is generally flat and easy to move around in a powered wheelchair.
With a manual wheelchair, however, the carpet on the floor made it difficult to move the way I wanted sometimes.

As for the rooms, there’s one accessible room.
It’s a Western style room with an accessible bathroom.
It’s a wide room, easy to move around in a wheelchair.
The bath is modular, so support may be needed, depending on the conditions of the person.