Kuniga Regular Pleasure Boat Tour

Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

It's a regular pleasure boat touring the spectacular Kuniga Coast.
It's possible to see closely the various shapes of the caves and rocks, and some of the biggest cliffs in Japan, including the 257-meter high Matengai Cliffs.
Among all these, there’s the cave called Akekureno Iwaya, which is said to be nearly equal to the Blue Grotto in Italy.
It's a rare case in the world, because it's possible to go inside and get out of the cave by boat.
The entrance to the pleasure boat is narrow and there are no ramps.
So, when boarding, the wheelchair has to be carried by hand.
Because it's impossible to get inside the boat in a wheelchair, you have to get off and sit on a bench.
The staff may help if necessary.

Resevation is required.
In bad weather, the course may change or the trip be cancelled.

Address 544-15 Uragō, Nishinoshima-chō, Oki-gun, Shimane
Telephone 08514-6-0016
Fax 08514-6-0018
URL http://www.okikankou.com/
Reception hours 8:00 – 17:00
Regular holidays

November - March

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Shichirui Port, by Oki Kisen Line, 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Get off at Beppu Port.
By Nishino Shima Town Bus to Uragō, around 20 minutes (5.6 km,3.5mi), get off at Uragō, 3 minutes on foot (no low floor buses).

Bumps at the entrance

Yes (25 cm,9.8in)

Entrance width 55cm(21.6in)
Accessible bathroom
Bathroom entrance width
Accessible parking space
Wheelchair loaning
Multilingual information Not available
Display items with multilingual explanation Not available
Multilingual pamphlets Not available
Staff fluent in foreign languages

Not available

Wifi connection No
Audio (English) guidance


Accesible data

Photo Comment
Boarding point of Kuniga pleasure boat View of the boarding point
Afterpart of Kuniga pleasure boat View of boarding
Inside of Kuniga pleasure boat View of the inside of the ship