Iwami Kagura Periodical Performance

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It’s a traditional entertainment transmitted from the ancient times in the Iwami area, located in the western part of Shimane, recreating the magnificent world of Japanese myth.
The performers wear powerful masks and gorgeous costumes dancing heroically to the tune of unique music, making the audience feel as taken into the world of myth.
There are currently more than 130 Kagura groups performing in the Iwami area.
You can watch regularly scheduled Iwami Kagura performances at each of the following places: Ōda, Gōtsu, Hamada, Masuda, and Tsuwano.
The venues are shrine, open places, public halls.
For the details concerning the programs and accessibility, contact the Iwami Tourism Promotion Association.

Address 254 Kataniwa-chō, Hamada, Shimane Business and Industry Office of the West Shimane Community Center
Telephone 0855-29-5647
Fax 0855-22-5306
URL http://www.all-iwami.com/
E-mail Seibu-kankou@pref.shimane.lg.jp
Reception hours 8:30 – 17:15
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The performance venues change along the day.
For the details, see the website

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