About this site

“Aiming at a Sanin where everyone can do sightseeing without any worries”

This site offers useful information for foreigners with disabilities, the elderly, and people with various handicaps while traveling in the Sanin region (Shimane and Tottori).

We offer, through pictures and words, accessibility information that is easy to understand.

We introduce detailed accessibility information on Sanin’s sightseeing facilities, accommodation facilities, transportation services, entrance condition, the inside of bathrooms, etc., collected in the region by actual wheelchair users.

We also introduce multiple destination courses.

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  • Matsue Castle thumbnail
  • Matsue Castle is known for the resemblance of its gables to a bird deploying its wings.
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  • Izumo Shrine thumbnail
  • It’s a shrine for Ōkuninushino Ōkami, known as the Spirit of matchmaking.
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  • Adachi Museum of Art thumbnail
  • The Adachi Museum of Art is a museum focused on the harmony of paintings from modern time to present day and Japanese-style gardens.
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  • Rōsokujima Island thumbnail
  • Oki, Dōgo Rōsokujima is a 20-meter high rock. When the sun sets on its top, it looks like a gigantic candle.
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  • mizuki load thumbnail
  • “Mizuki Shigeru Road” is the street with the motifs of cartoonist Shigeru Mizuki and various yokai goblins which he has been producing in his works such as “Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro.”
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  • Tottori Sand Dune thumbnail
  • "Tottori Sand Dune" is the nationwide best-known tourist spot in Tottori Prefecture.
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