Matsue History Museum

Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

Open in 2011, this museum is located near Matsue Castle and looks like a Samurai residence.
It introduces the history and culture of Matsue using images, models, etc.
Besides organizing various experience events, it also has a tourist information center.
In the museum, there's a tea room facing a Japanese garden with table seats.
You can enjoy wagashi and tea.
Inside is barrier-free and at the entrance there's a ramp toward a special door for wheelchair users.
The exhibition hall is spacious, and it's easy to move in a wheelchair.
The staff will wipe clean the wheels of the chair before you enter the building, because outdoor shoes are not allowed in.

Address 279 Tonomachi, Matsue, Shimane
Telephone 0852-32-1607
Fax 0852-32-1611
Reception hours April - September: 8:30 - 18:30 October - March: 8:30 - 17:00
Regular holidays

The third Thursday of every month (if a national holiday, then the following day)

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Matsue Station, 2.1 km(1.3mi).
About 25 minutes on foot.
Matsue Lake Line Bus, 13 minutes.
Get off at Ōte Mae Horikawa Yūransen Noriba bus sto, and 3 minutes on foot from there. (Approximately one of three buses is a low floor bus.)
Matsue City Bus (To Kenmin Kaikan), about 10 minutes.
Get off at Kitatonomachi bus stop.
3 minutes on foot or get off at Shiominawate bus stop.
1 minute on foot.

Bumps at the entrance


Entrance width 150cm(59in).
Width of the entrance from the ramp 90cm(35.4in)
Accessible bathroom
Bathroom entrance width 100cm(39.4in)
Accessible parking space

Yes (1)

Wheelchair loaning


Multilingual information Partially available
Display items with multilingual explanation Partially available
Multilingual pamphlets Partially available
Staff fluent in foreign languages

Not available (Inside, tea room; available)

Wifi connection Yes
Audio (English) guidance

Yes (English, Korean, Chinese)

Accesible data

Photo Comment
Aroung the parking lot Aisle from the parking lot to the entrance
Aisle to the entrance Along the sandy road to the entrance
Ramp to the entrance Gentle slope
The wheelchair tires are cleaned at the entrance. Before entering, the wheels are cleaned.
Free exhibition area around the entrance The entrance has a Japanese-style free braille area.
Ramp up to the Japanese room Ramp is available to the Japanese room.
View of Matsue Castle from the Japanese room Matsue Castle is visible from the Japanese room.
Charged exhibition area The exhibition room is spacious and easy to move around.
Accessible bathroom View of the accessible bathroom