Miho Shrine

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Facility summary and accessibility conditions

It's an old shrine for Ebisu, known as the Spirit of Luck.
The main shrine is built in the "mihozukuri style," which is a rare style featuring two conjoined taishazukuri shrines, also designated as an important cultural national property.
Meanwhile, Ebisu is known as a Spirit found of musical instruments.
Therefore, various instruments, including the oldest music box in Japan are offered to the shrine.
In April and December, there's a representative ceremony of the Izumo myth.
Next to the Miho Shrine, there's a narrow bluish stone paved path, called Aoishidatamidōri.
The buildings and stores along that path convey the elegance of old time.

Address 608 Mihonoseki, Mihonoseki-chō, Matsue, Shimane
Telephone 0852-73-0506
Fax 0852-73-0317
URL http://www.mihojinja.or.jp/
E-mail -
Reception hours Open throughout the year.
Regular holidays


Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Matsue Station by Ichibata bus (to Mihonoseki terminal) 40 minutes (Please check the schedule of low floor buses.) Get off at Mihonoseki terminal, transfer to the Mihonoseki community bus, Mihonoseki Line (no low floor buses), 30 minutes.
Get off at the Miho Jinja Iriguchi bus stop.

Bumps at the entrance


Entrance width -
Accessible bathroom
Bathroom entrance width -
Accessible parking space


Wheelchair loaning


Multilingual information Not available
Display items with multilingual explanation Not available
Multilingual pamphlets Not available
Staff fluent in foreign languages

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Wifi connection No
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Accesible data

Photo Comment
Entrance to the grounds View of the Miho Shrine grounds entrance.
There are stairs from the front side inner torii.
*There are no ramps or slopes for vehicles.
Front entrance Front entrance.
You can see stairs behind the torii
The stairs after passing through the torii View of the stairs after passing through the torii.
There are three sets of stairs up to the main shrine
2nd stairs 2nd stairs
In front of the 3rd stairs To see the 3rd stairs from the 2nd stairs
The grounds of the front shrine Be careful while moving on the grounds of the front shrine, because there are ditches.
Front shrine View of the front shrine of Miho Shrine.
It has a unique style called mihozukuri.
It’s the head shrine of the Ebisu spirit in Japan.
Shrine office View of the shrine office on the grounds.
There’s an 11cm(4.3in) bump in front of the shrine office.
Bathroom at the parking space View of the bathroom at the free parking space closest to the Miho Shrine Multipurpose bathrooms are installed
Inside the multipurpose bathroom Inside view of the multipurpose bathroom.
The toilet bowl is attached to the left side of the wall facing the entrance.