Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

Oyado Yumehiko is a 10 guest-room inn located in a mountain area in the district called Shikano Hot Spring.
Individual guest room has its own open-air bath with natural hot spring water flowing.
This inn is free of barriers except certain space with a staircase.

Address 8, imaichi shikano-cho,Tottori-shi, Tottori
Telephone 0857-84-241, 0120-610-417 (for free)
Fax 0857-84-3014
URL http://www.yumehico.co.jp
Reception hours Checking-in time 15:00 - , Checking-out time - 10:00
Regular holidays
Transportation, closest station, bus stop

JR Hamamura Station, transportation service available between the JR station and the inn

Bumps at the entrance

No steps at main entrance, a ramp to the Annex Kirara from the parking lots

Entrance width
Accessible bathroom one wheelchair accessible toilet near the common use large bathroom, one room with a wheelchair accessible toilet for private use
Bathroom entrance width
Accessible parking space

Easy-to-park parking lots without parking space lines, one parking lot close to the barrier-free guest room

Wheelchair loaning


Multilingual information Not available
Display items with multilingual explanation
Multilingual pamphlets Not available
Staff fluent in foreign languages


Wifi connection
Audio (English) guidance

Accesible data

Photo Comment
Around the entrance View around the entrance.
There is a ramp.
Accessible parking View of accessible parking.
You can enter directly from the ramp to the room.
Inside of a barrier-free room A barrier-free room “Tampopo”
Inside accessible bathroom of a barrier-free room Accessible bathroom of a barrier-free room
Bathtub in a barrier-free room Bath in a barrier-free room
Entrance to a large bath View of the entrance to a large bath
Changing room View of a large bath and changing room
Inside of accessible bathroom in the building Accessible bathroom in the building
Inside a large bath A large bathtub
Hallway in the building View of the hallway in the building