Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

It’s the only gallery open to the public within the Iwami Ginzan World Heritage site.
The word mabu is the ancient word used for mining galleries. This gallery was built in 1715 and measures 600 meters.
From here a large quantity of high-quality silver ore was mined.
It’s believed that the gallery was closed in 1943, after being used for 228 years.
The marks of the chisels used at that time still remain on the walls of the gallery.
Inside, old texts in picture scrolls of Iwami Ginzan introduce them at the information board.
There are bumps with a few steps just before entering the gallery and it’s narrow inside, but the floor is flat.
At some places, water drips and the ground is wet.

Address 183 Ōmori-chō, Ōda, Shimane
Telephone 0854-89-0347 (entrance), 0854-89-0117 (exit) 0854-88-9237 (Ōda-shi Tourism Center)
Fax 0854-88-3222 (Ōda-shi Tourism Center)
URL http://www.ginzan-wm.jp/
E-mail o-kankou01@iwamigin.jp
Reception hours 9:00 - 17:00. (November 24 - March 19: closed at 16:00)
Regular holidays

New Year holidays

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Ōda-shi Station to Sekai Isan Center, around 28 minutes.
Get off at the Ōmori bus stop.
About 1 km(0.6mi) from the bus stop on foot (around 40 minutes).
There are "Velo Taxis" from the Ginzan Park (on foot 1 minute, 130 meters from the bus stop).
Wheelchair users can use them.
*Private vehicles, taxis, and buses are not allowed to the entrance of Ryūgenji Mabu, by traffic regulation.

Bumps at the entrance


Entrance width 100cm(39.4in)
Accessible bathroom Yes.
Near the gallery
Bathroom entrance width 100cm(39.4in)
Accessible parking space


Wheelchair loaning

Possible to observe in a wheelchair.
1 loaning wheelchair available.

Multilingual information Partially available
Display items with multilingual explanation Partially available
Multilingual pamphlets Available
Staff fluent in foreign languages

Not available

Wifi connection Yes
Audio (English) guidance

Audioguide loaning available at the tourism information center

Accesible data

Photo Comment
Entrance to Ryūgenjimabu Entrance to Ryūgenjimabu
Inside of Ryūgenjimabu There are some bumps inside, but you can move around in wheelchairs.
Ramp to the exit It is hard for wheelchair users to go up without asssistance.
Accessible bathroom near exit View of accessible bathroom