Tamatsukuri Spa

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It's the oldest spa in Japan, known from the ancient times for the benefits of its waters on the skin.
In this spa town, there are hotels along the river.
Besides, there are restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops, along with shops of cosmetic products made with the high-quality water, and good luck spots.
There are free foot bathes (places where you can soak your feet into the spa), one along the street and another along the river, but there are stairs on the way to the latter.
Located near such famous tourist places as Matsue Castle and Izumo Shrine, it's a convenient accommodation facility.
The main street of the spa town is stone-paved without bumps, which is pleasant for wheelchair users to stroll around without worries.
There's a public bathroom along the street as well as an accessible bathroom.

Address 32-7 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-chō, Matsue, Shimane (3. Tamatsukuri Spa Hotel Coop)
Telephone 0852-62-0634 (Tamatsukuri Spa Hotel Coop)
Fax 0852-62-0635 (Tamatsukuri Spa Hotel Coop)
URL http://www.tamayado.com/
E-mail takumiai@web-sanin.co.jp
Reception hours 9:00 ~ 17:00
Regular holidays

Closed on Sunday, national holidays, Obon holidays (August 13 - 17), and New Year holidays. (Open every other Saturday)

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From Izumo Enmusubi Airport by shuttle bus (Ichibata Bus) to the spa town, about 30 minutes. (No low floor buses)
From Matsue Station by Ichibata Bus Tamatsukuri Line, about 20 minutes. (No low floor buses)
From Tamatsukuri Onsen Station, about 20 minutes on foot.
2.1 km(1.3mi) There are stairs at the Tamatsukuri Onsen Station, but the station staff will provide for lift to wheelchair users.
*For preparation, prior request is necessary.

Bumps at the entrance
Entrance width
Accessible bathroom
Bathroom entrance width 89cm(35in)
Accessible parking space

Tourism information available (1).
Free parking space available nearby.

Wheelchair loaning


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Wifi connection - Foot bath (Himegami Place) - Bejikoro Place - Tamayura - Osusowake Chaya (near Tamatsukuriyu Shrine, free rest area)
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Photo Comment
Tamatsukuri Spa street Tamatsukuri Spa street
View of footbath Footbath along the Spa street
Footbath View of footbath
Himegami A statue of Himegami