Tamawakasuno Mikoto Shrine

Basic data

Facility summary and accessibility conditions

It’s a shrine for Tamawakasu, which is involved in developing Oki.
As the head shrine of Okinokuni, it's the oldest shrine in Oki.
The main shrine’s architectural style, called Okizukuri, is an important cultural property.
The large cedar tree on the grounds, Yaosugi, which is 38-meter tall, is about 2,000 years old.
It's designated as a national natural monument.
It may be inconvenient for wheelchair users because there are bumps and gravel paths, but it's a magnificent shrine worth to be seen.

Address 701 Shimonishi, Okinoshima-chō, Oki-gun, Shimane
Telephone 08512-2-0571
Fax 08512-2-0571
Reception hours -
Regular holidays

Open throughout the year

Transportation, closest station, bus stop

From the Saigō port 2.4 km(1.5mi).
Around 30 minutes on foot.
By Oki Ichibata Bus Tsuma Line, 6 minutes.
Get off at Tamawakasuno Mikoto Jinja Mae.
*There are around 2 direct buses a day. (As of July 29, 2015)

Bumps at the entrance

There are stairs up to the main shrine.

Entrance width -
Accessible bathroom No
Bathroom entrance width -
Accessible parking space


Wheelchair loaning


Multilingual information Not available
Display items with multilingual explanation Not available
Multilingual pamphlets Not available
Staff fluent in foreign languages

Not available

Wifi connection No
Audio (English) guidance


Accesible data

Parking space The asphalt is not smooth.
Shrine’s entrance The asphalt is not smooth.
Entrance path The entrance path is graveled, and it’s a bit hard for wheelchair users.
Bumps before Zuishinmon There are two steps
Aisle after passing Zuishinmon After passing Zuishinmon, there’s a wooden path.
Stairs up to the front shrine There are 10-step inclined stairs up to the front shrine.
Bumps before the front shrine There are 2-steps before the front shrine.
View of the bathroom There’s a bathroom at the parking space.
Before the bathroom Before the bathroom
Inside of the bathroom All bathrooms are Japanese style.