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Complete Guide map to Shimane’s DAISY information!

Description DAISY is an information system specification for anyone to access easily. DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information SYstem. It’s an information system specification for anyone to access easily. It’s a new digital book recording system that was developed as an international standard for visually impaired people, those with literacy obstacles, and their likes, instead… Read more »

Yaegaki Shrine

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment No bumps from the main entrance to the main shrine In front of the main shrine. There are 11cm(4.3in) and 21cm(8.2in) stair-like bumps Temizuya In front of the shrine office.There are stairs of 5cm(2in) – 3cm(1.1in). Graveled path to the Kagamino Ike pond In front of an accessible bathroom.Graveled… Read more »

Tamatsukuri Spa

Basic Data Accessible Data Photo Comment Tamatsukuri Spa street Footbath along the Spa street View of footbath A statue of Himegami

Miho Shrine

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment View of the Miho Shrine grounds entrance.There are stairs from the front side inner torii.*There are no ramps or slopes for vehicles. Front entrance.You can see stairs behind the torii View of the stairs after passing through the torii.There are three sets of stairs up to the main shrine… Read more »

Karakoro Art Studio

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment Accessible parking space Ramp view to the entrance View of the entrance.Automatic door. lending of wheelchairs and baby carriages available Central area of the building Shop for magatama jewel making experience available View of magatama jewel making experience.The shop staff gives explanation and support. View of magatama jewel making… Read more »

Shimane Art Museum

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment Outlook, view around the entrance From the main gate to the reception (Braille blocks are set up to the reception.) Braille direction board at the reception Inside view of the museum You can touch the bronze statues at the lobby View of the 1st floor accessible bathrooms (bathrooms available… Read more »

Matsue History Museum

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment Aisle from the parking lot to the entrance Along the sandy road to the entrance Gentle slope Before entering, the wheels are cleaned. The entrance has a Japanese-style free braille area. Ramp is available to the Japanese room. Matsue Castle is visible from the Japanese room. The exhibition room… Read more »

View of Shiominawate

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment The sidewalk does not look wide enough for guiding a visually impaired person Sidewalk along the moat reconstructed in March 2009.Sandy sidewalk but solid and easy to move in a wheelchair. Sidewalk along the moat. Be careful because at some places, there are pine trees bending over the sidewalk…. Read more »

The Matsue Horikawa Sightseeing Boat Tour

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment Outlook of the Fureai Place boarding point The Fureai Place boarding point, outlook of the entrance View of the ramp in front of the pier.Gentle slope way Pier of the boarding point (Width 140cm,55.1in) Inside the accessible bathroom Barrier-free transportation lecture Scene 1 Barrier-free transportation lecture Scene 2 Barrier-free… Read more »

Matsue Castle

Basic data Accesible data Photo Comment Path connecting the Ninomaru area to the road between Kitasōmon Bridge and Inaribashi Bridge (gravel slope) Tourism Information Center (at the Ōte Mae entrance). Place for detailed tourism information about the castle. If you need to know anything, visit here first. Inside the accessible bathroom Inside the accessible bathroom… Read more »